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Investor Relations

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Investor Relations

We are currently actively seeking investors for Winnjet. If you're interested in helping build the foundation of a remarkable airline, please contact us.

Investor Relations


Winnjet's investment vision would make even the most conservative investor feel comfortable. That's because the principals of Winnjet are particularly aware not only of what causes airlines to succeed, but what causes airlines to fail.

Our business and financial model has been developed by a core team of industry veterans who have more than 100 years collective experience. It's a unique industry with unique considerations and the management team knows what those considerations are.

So, we believe that knowing what to avoid in the airline industry is as important as knowing what to do. One of Winnjet's key objectives is to stick to its detailed plan and execute it with a dynamic management approach that will help the company grow bigger and better without taking unnecessary risks.

If you're interested in talking to a Winnjet principal about this timely opportunity to invest in our airline, please visit the Contact Winnjet page.


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